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   Sons of Arcadia

       Vanished Souls

      For two young men, what was meant to be a simple career pursue took an  unexpected turn, the moment they met a mysterious stranger. Nothing is ever as simple as it was again. Fate sent them on a dangerous journey to search for the missing heir of the largest empire in the world of Arcadia. LIttle did they know, the path was about  to get even more treacherous.

      Sons of Arcadia - Vanished Souls is a roll play game built on the backbone of mysteries and adventures, mixed in with romances, whimsy, and fun..Join them on their jouney to secure the future for themselves, and to protect the world they loved. Discover what it takes and what it truly means to be the Sons of Arcadia.



*RPG, role play

*Download size 567 MB

  (Demo 217 MB)

*RAM 256 MB

*Windows XP+


*Demo is the short version

 of the full game.

 There is no time limit.


Screen Shots


  • Active time battle (with choices in how frequently it pauses)

  • Unison skills based on characters' relationships

  • Visible encounters

  • Option for mouse control (swich anytime in game)

  • Interesting sidequests

  • Original graphics

  • Characters change expressions with their emotion

  • 3 difficulty levels

  • Quest log

  • Weapon crafting

  • Endings vary depending on your choices. Replay value.

  • Rewards vary depdending on your choices.

  • Involved NPCs

  • Grinding is not necessary. No wasting time grinding or backtracking. Pass through after dungons are visited.

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