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Thoughts on Sons of Arcadia -Vanished Souls

Got a review from Observer a while back on Aveyond Kingdom. It is so well written and to the point. I thought it would be wonderful to share it here.

Thank you, Observer!

... Anyways, the first thing I noticed was the lovely art. It comes off a cross between anime and French painting with a touch of realism, which I absolutely adore. Animations on special occasions are also a major plus and the first I’ve seen in RPG, really, so thumbs up for that. The character interaction was particularly brilliant as everything felt very natural. Your characters are definitely a major selling point for me as they didn’t feel 2-dimensional, prophecy-filling-role and the likes. In fact, I’ve grown fond of them more than I did in any RPG and earnestly wish you’d quickly bring out Songs of Eagle so that I could continue my exciting journey with… *ehem*. K, where was I? Right, there is high level of interactivity within the gameplay and you’ll be rewarded should you opt to explore. I discovered many things just by rummaging through a place, for instance, I got to know Julian was quite sloppy despite being coined a mischievous brainer (well, that was MY opinion. ). It might seem like a minor adjustment, but small things can sometimes change an ‘average’ to ‘excellent’. The plot is spectacular and you really did deliver the mystery element, which brings me to the ending of Vanished Souls. I found the ending to be quite… abrupt? I don’t know, it just ended and nothing was concluded, like, what happened to the team after they defeat the final boss? But I suppose the questions are meant to be answered in Songs of the Eagle. I have a soft spot for political intrigue and its effect on people involved in the strife, so this just get me more hyped for the sequel release. Lastly, I found it refreshing that we get to play from a brand-new character POV. It just adds more dynamics and enriches the experiences.

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