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Feature: Active time battle

In the coming game Sons of Arcadia - Vanished souls, there are two levels of difficulty settings. The first one is the tradiitional easy-normal-hard choice. On top of that, we think that players should be able to decide their actions during battles. In the active time battle system, you gotta hit as soon as your action bar is filled, because your enemies are not going to wait for you, as in traditional turn-based battles. It is a more exciting system. However, it is not as easy to implement since, in commercial games, we have to consider players with little to no battle experiences as well.

So if you are not really good at fighting, you can use easy mode + choice to freeze the battle whenever your turn is up, giving yourself ample time to make your choice for the next move. It would be just like the traditional turn based battles. If you are a veteran player, you can start with normal difficulty + pause the battle only when you chose your target or items to use. If you are an adrenaline rush addict, you can challenge the hard mode and chose non-stop battles. It takes some practice if you are not used to it. Whatever combination you chose, just remember that you won't be able to use unison skills later if you chose to pause the game whenever your action bar is filled, because unison skills require both members to have filled action bars.




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