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       Children of Hope is the sequel of Sons of Arcadia - Song of the Eagle.  It is a story about hopes and dreams. In times of trouble and uncertainty, hope is as hard to grasp as morning mist. How does one hold on to it? 

       Dusty and Ash have been running from their enemies for most of their young lives. Just when they thought they could finally settle somewhere safe, their pursuers tracked them down once more.

       Do they keep running? When does it end? Is there no hope for them to live normal lives? Join them in their adventure and help them in their pursuit of their dreams. 

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  • Active time battle

  • Unison skills based on characters' relationships

  • Visible encounters

  • Option for mouse control (switch anytime in game)

  • Interesting sidequests

  • Original graphics

  • Characters change expressions with their emotion

  • 3 difficulty levels

  • Quest log

  • Weapon crafting

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